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Safety. Style. Quality.

Performance Engineering

These are the focal points for all HATCI Performance Engineers. From initial styling concepts through mass production, this innovative team:

Body Department

Not merely just the shell, but the foundation from which all Hyundai and KIA vehicles are built, our Body Department team’s designs set the tone for the overall impression of each vehicle. From door systems to bodies in white (BIW), this team creates a dynamic system that:

Interior Trim Department

Luxurious interiors provide our customers with the comfort and visually attractive character they desire. Interior trim specialists focus on:

Exterior Trim Department

Sleek exterior trim styling places the finishing touches on our vehicles making them stand out from our competitors. Our Exterior Trim Department is responsible for creating:

Electronic Systems Development Group

Multimedia, Telematics, Connectivity, ADAS, Advanced Systems Engineering, and Electrification duties include:

Materials Development

Materials are everything you see and feel, and no other industry uses a wider array of materials than transportation.  The HATCI Materials team ensures that the material in our North and South America Vehicles meet the standard of quality that customers expect.  This team is responsible for:


Polymers create elegant styling and appearance both inside and outside the vehicle, while simultaneously reducing vehicle weight and maintaining premium durability at a cost competitive value for our customers.  The Polymer team covers a wide myriad of components, some of which include:


From durable, exterior paints, to anti-corrosion sealers, to sound dampening layers, vehicle coatings play key roles in protecting your vehicle from sun, salt, and rain, as well as blocking out the harsh sounds of the road outside.  The HATCI coatings team’s responsibilities include:


At its heart, your vehicle is all about safely taking you where you want to go.  From the moment you start the engine, to the moment you apply the brakes at your destination.  Metals such as steel, iron, and aluminum form the structures and components that make our vehicles strong, agile, and safe.  Our Metals team is responsible for:

Interior Soft Trim

The soft touch of interior materials, such as fine leather seats, stylish fabrics, and soft covered instrument panels make for a luxurious vehicle, but it’s the relentless commitment to durability and quality of those materials that creates an interior made to last.  HATCI’s Interior Soft Trip group is responsible for:

Safety Integration

The HATCI Safety Integration department’s number one priority is providing the safest vehicle to our customers.  Vehicle safety is driven by a dynamic landscape that is motivated by current and future safety requirements alongside new emerging technologies.  Our passionate team of Safety Engineers leverages rigorous research and testing to elevate and lead North American Hyundai, Kia and Genesis vehicle safety performance.

Research & Development

Safety Integration is actively involved in developing U.S. market vehicles to achieve the highest safety ratings and accolades through the following:


Safety Integration actively collaborates with the North American vehicle production plants by:

Innovation Through Collaboration
HATCI upholds a strong R&D philosophy hinged on creative and passionate input of all team members.
HATCI Vision
Innovation Through Collaboration



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