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Tomorrow's Vehicles begin with Today's Collaboration


HATCI’s Product Planning Department is responsible for conceptualizing ideas and innovations that later translate into the amazing design and technology features apparent in Hyundai, Kia and Genesis vehicles.  R&D Product Planning activities encompass vehicles sold in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

 Vehicle Planning

HATCI’s Vehicle Planning team supports Hyundai Motor Company’s momentum of highly engaging and customer-oriented products through effective product planning of Passenger Cars, Light Duty Trucks, and Commercial Vehicles. This team understands that customers are what drive this company and products must be focused on delighting those customers. The passion for developing innovative new vehicles includes:

Consumer Analytics and Research Team

HATCI’s Consumer Analytics and Research (CAR) team provides invaluable and holistic Voice of Customer insights used to shape the vehicles of Hyundai Motor Group’s future.  Dealers, owners, rejecters, intenders, and experts are all used to provide well rounded data sets to numerous internal customers.  While versed in traditional research on-line surveys and off-line clinics, the team also explores new methodologies.  Current capabilities include:

Technology and Innovation

HATCI’s Technology and Innovation team is responsible for identifying and advancing new technologies for HMG. In order to achieve this difficult goal, this team has to be involved from the creation of an idea, through the development, and into the integration with the actual vehicle. Some of the main initiatives include:


HATCI’s Packaging team translates consumer needs into engineering specifications, balancing various key factors including: roominess, cost/weight, performance, and regulations.  While focused on dimensional objectives, the team provides validation, verification, and ideation on new concepts and prototypes through: