Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc.



Redefining Luxury and Style From The Inside Out

Our stellar team of Powertrain professionals is redefining luxury and style from the inside out. Approaching powertrain development as both a science and an art, they seamlessly integrate engine and transmission systems to create the driving experience that defines Hyundai, KIA and Genesis vehicles. Key areas of development focus on enhancing vehicle performance, drivability  and fuel economy to meet our customers’ needs and desires.

Engines Department

HATCI’s Engine Calibration professionals are refining engines that will beat as the heart of tomorrow’s next-generation vehicles. Our team fine tunes our engines to ensure Hyundai, Kia and Genesis powertrains reflect a combination of dynamic performance and environmental responsibility. As some of the most high-tech and fuel-efficient engines on the market, these components take considerable collaboration.
Engine Development calibration considerations include:

Transmissions and Performance Tuning

Developing high performing automobiles for the future includes conceptualizing innovative, exceptional automatic, dual clutch and continuously variable  transmissions. To exceed our sophisticated consumers’ demands, the Transmissions team collaborates on the following:

Fuel Economy and Controls

HATCI’s Fuel Efficiency and Controls Development team works to create innovative powertrain and vehicle solutions in order for Hyundai Motor Group to become an industry leader in fuel efficiency. They work to understand advanced technologies and ensure seamless technology integration in a total vehicle system environment. The Fuel Economy team’s strive to:

Eco & Drivability Development

HATCI’s Eco Technologies and Driveability Engineers strive to develop a delightful driving experience by closely collaborating with Product Planning and Quality departments in addition to researching customers behaviors.  The team’s mission is to match the powertrain to the market expectations in terms of character performance and fuel economy. Key areas of focus include:

Engine and transmission response to:

Electric motor and battery performance: