Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc.



Monumental Moments

HATCI began with the key objective to oversee emissions, safety regulations, design and engineering requirements for North America. However, as HMG solidified its position as one of the top five global OEMs, HATCI’s responsibilities have expanded and the company now includes a strong network of engineering disciplines and increased business-focused activities to support North America’s Voice of the Customer. Below are a few key highlights along HATCI’s journey to fulfill its vision of becoming a highly respected R&D organization:

HATCI Historical Highlights:


New Tech Center Building Opens (Ann Arbor, MI)

HMG established Hyundai America Technical Center to oversee emissions, safety regulations, design and engineering requirements for all vehicles in the North American market.


Chino Lab Opens (Chino, CA)

After only one year in operation, HATCI opened its first satellite facility – a powertrain lab – in Chino, California. Originally, this facility was designed to ___. Today, it focuses on alternative vehicle technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells. In 2005, our Chino facility installed a hydrogen energy station as a part of a five-year U.S. Department of Energy cost-sharing program designed to demonstrate safe, practical hydrogen technologies in real-world settings. The hydrogen energy station fueled a fleet of five Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs).


California Design and Technical Center Opens

As HATCI soon took on significant design responsibilities for various Hyundai model vehicles, the company saw fit to establish a Design Center & Technical Center in Irvine, California – in close proximity to HMG’s Hyundai Motor America headquarters – to maintain our steady growth in the North American market.


Proving Ground Opens

As HATCI’s responsibilities continued to grow, so too did its Vehicle Evaluation team’s tasks. To better accommodate its increased testing and evaluation requirements, HATCI established a 4,300-acre testing facility featuring ten different driving courses, including a 6.4-mile oval track, a 2.75-mile winding track, a 3.3-mile hill road, a vehicle dynamics area and a vehicle handling course.


Detroit Technical Center Grand Opening

The HATCI headquarters is now located just outside of Ann Arbor in a 220,000 square foot facility sitting on 140 Acres of land where it now manages new model development for HMG’s North American operations and global product programs from our dedicated engineering facilities and support staff at affiliate sites located throughout the United States (Alabama, California, Georgia, Michigan and Washington D.C.).


KIA Design Studio

Again, with increased responsibilities and HMG’s increasing market share in North America, the company established another design center solely for KIA vehicles. The new 236,000-square-foot construction sits on 21.7 acres and features 45 workstations, nine offices, 2-D presentation rooms, a computerized milling machine for full-sized model creation.