In-use Verification Program

IUVP Mission Statement

To ensure the highest quality and most efficient vehicles in support of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.
Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) is committed to testing our vehicles in real world conditions.

How it works:

Hyundai America Technical Center identifies owners and notifies them by mail.  Owners who volunteer will then be selected at random for participation. The Procurement team will contact the randomly selected volunteers to discuss your vehicle’s eligibility by going through a short questionnaire.


To participate in the Verification Programs, your car must meet some basic requirements that will be reviewed during the questionnaire.

The Program

In-use verification of the vehicle tailpipe and evaporative emissions

    • Low & High mileage vehicles are required for testing
    • Low Mileage: 10,000 + 1 year service
    • High Mileage: 50,000 + 4-5 years of service


Monetary incentive upon completion of testing in addition to

    • Complimentary use of a loaner vehicle with full tank of fuel
    • Complimentary vehicle inspection
    • Complimentary exterior car wash
    • Complimentary full tank of fuel upon completion


In-use vehicle emission verification is conducted in three locations:

Ann Arbor, Michigan

 Hyundai America Technical Center

Chino, California

Hyundai America Technical Center

Aurora, Colorado

TRP Laboratories 


Exhaust emissions

Allows us to measure emissions produced over specific driving conditions such as city and highway.  Your vehicle is placed on a dynamometer (a treadmill-like device for automobiles). The exhaust is connected to emission analyzers and monitored. 


Evaporative emissions

Is conducted in a SHED (Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination) and allows measurement of vapors from the vehicle or during fueling events

All data collected is shared with the EPA, CARB and the Hyundai Kia Engineering Teams


For In-use Verification Program, customers should call 888-424-9166, or e-mail [email protected]